Language Hacking

a conversation course for beginners

The Language Hacking Method


Language Hacking is a completely different approach to language learning. It’s not something only ‘other people’ can do. It’s simply about being smart with how you learn: learning what’s indispensable and skipping what’s not. There’s no need to learn every word and grammar rule before you start using the language. Instead, Language Hacking gives you the most versatile phrases and most effective shortcuts to help you get fluent faster.


Language Hacking isn’t just a course. It’s a new way of thinking about language learning and how people communicate today. With the italki online language hacking community, you really can start speaking from day one!

The Speak from Day One Promise


Teach Yourself™ has partnered with iTalki, a language learning community of over 3000 teachers and 2 million people, to host a Language Hacker Learner Community so you can start sharing your language missions with other likeminded language learners. Language Hacking + iTalki makes it possible to immerse yourself in a new language without having to buy a plane ticket.

About Benny


Benny Lewis used to be just like most of us—fluent in just one language, but with a nagging desire to learn more. After university, he moved to Spain to try and pick up Spanish but found himself no more fluent after six months than he’d been when he arrived. Frustrated, he decided to put his background in engineering to good use by developing a method that broke down language learning into universal milestones, focusing on acquisition through regular conversation. And this is where Language Hacking began!


Today, Benny is known throughout the language learning community as 'the Irish Polyglot' and is famous for his many online videos that document his language learning adventures around the world. He runs the internet’s biggest language learning blog,, and is the author of the bestselling book by the same name.


‘Benny's new series makes it fun to dare to speak. This could well engage more people with a new language than some of the more traditional language books’

Steve Kaufmann,



‘What Benny has done for making language learning accessible is second to none. This new series is the perfect example of that. Combining modern tech and study methods that have for far too long been lacking from traditional course books, Benny has created a great set of all-round robust language courses’


Lindsay Dow,



‘Benny's new Language Hacking courses are a major contribution to the language learning world. Learning with this series is like having an experienced language coach standing over your shoulder every step of the way, showing you how to learn quickly, and speak confidently right from the start.’


Olly Richards,

‘This unconventional course takes you through a series of missions designed to get you speaking the language as soon as possible. It shows you how to start conversations and keep them going, even when you don’t know much of the language’


Simon, from



‘Benny kept students engaged from his intro video reel all the way to the final Q&A of the evening. He is a dynamic speaker with fascinating stories and great tips for making the most of your time abroad. . .  Though we expected students to be more interested in the travel aspects of his presentation, so many of them wanted to know more about his language hacks during the Q&A’


Sabina Post, Study Abroad Office, Elizabethtown College


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